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8 September 2021
Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany
B2B@ DigitalRailConvention2021

Virtual matchmaking events - How do they work?

A matchmaking event is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners. People meet and greet at high speed. 20 minutes are usually enough to build connections, then the bell rings and the next talk starts.

Still curious about the process? You can check the following video prepared by the Enterprise Europe Network

In case you have meetings, the organizer needs to be sure that you will attend the event. Therefore please confirm or cancel your participation once you are asked to confirm.  Otherwise, the event organizer has to inform all your meeting partners that meetings are/could be uncertain. This causes additional work and makes the event less reliable.

Our staff will be at your disposal during the whole matchmaking event.

1 July -  31 August


Publish your business focus & collaboration wishes

  • Register via the Register button.
  • We recommend to register with only one participant per company/ department as several profiles of the same company/ department are confusing. It is possible to invite additional persons also to the e-meetings. Registration of multiple profiles per company will only be
    activated if each of the cooperations profiles has a clear definded focus, e.g. sales manager offering products, purchase manager looking for manufacturing partners, head of R&D looking for cooperation...
  • Publish your organisational focus and your collaboration wishes
  • Your profile should describe who you are, what you can offer to potential partners, and who you want to meet. 
  • Your business proposal is your business card, therefore spend some minutes to insert a high quality and meaningful profile. High-quality profiles are visited about 50 to 150 times BEFORE the event and will still be viewed AFTER the event.
  • Very important: Select sessions in "my availability". Later you will be able to choose exact times for confirmed meetings
11 August - 6 SeptemberBrowse profiles of attendees and book B2B meetings

Be active not reactive.

  • Browse published participants profiles and send meeting requests to those you want to meet during the event. Adding a meaningful remark why you are interested in a meeting will increase the chance that your request will be accepted. Accepted meeting requests will be scheduled automatically. Thus you have immediate access to time and location of a meeting.

  • Booking rules?

  • Everybody registered for the event with an own profile can send meeting requests to everyone participating in the event
  • Meeting requests are treated as accepted as long as they are not declined
  • You can also be booked for bilateral talks by other participants
7 SeptemberPersonal meeting schedule - send & receive meeting requests
  • You receive your preliminary meeting schedule by email a day before the event
  • This meeting schedule gives information about the time, the number of the table and who you are going to meet
  • you can also access your meetings in My Agenda or Meetings, where you have your complete schedule for the event and the list of your meetings.This agenda might be subject to last minute changes, due
    to cancellation or new requests. Please check your agenda regulary.
  • Before the event: If you participate virtually: check your camera and microphone and don't be late! If you are on site, please come to the matchmaking area .... and don't be late!

8 September

B2B Sessions

  • You receive your updated schedule at the reception desk
  • Your schedule contains time and table number of each single meeting
  • You can also check your meeting agenda online or via the b2match app (iPhone or Android).

Happy matchmaking!


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